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Brighter Day Coming February 21

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

I'm so excited to share this music with you.

I was fortunate to receive a grant to record my first ever solo jazz record from Pathways to Jazz in Boulder, CO. This organization is comprised of a small and very generous team devoted to giving money to jazz artists in the Denver area specifically for recording. With the current recording business being what it is, I had wondered for years what it would finally take for me to make a record, and it didn't fully occur to me until the last couple of years that, oh...I would just have to save up and pay for it. This isn't the sort of thing that just lands in your lap. So after taking the plunge to try out a grant application, I totally lucked out, and I have some of my Denver jazz colleagues to thank for taking a chance on me for this.

I'll be going into UNC's recording studio next weekend (a week from today, actually!) to record with the following personnel...can you believe it?

Steve Kovalcheck - Guitar

Tom Amend - Piano

Brian Claxton - Drums

Seth Lewis - Bass

(Recording Engineer - Greg Heimbecker)

The record is a combination of original lyrics and music and my arrangements of standards, all of which pay homage to folks like Wayne Shorter, Joni Mitchell, Carmen McRae and all of the other amazing human beings past and present who use their voices to fight for a brighter tomorrow through swinging and soulful music. I'm not one to outwardly protest about social and political issues, and would rather resort to humor most days, so this is giving me a unique outlet for my words and thoughts in our current world. For now I'll call this project a tribute to the ones I love, and a celebration of the resiliency and optimism of the human spirit amidst an insane and turbulent world.

I'll be posting previews of the music all over the place in the coming weeks, but for now you can take a look at a test run of one of these from my doctoral recital last month. This is a portion of my arrangement of the standard "Long Ago and Far Away."

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